Tesla Taxi in the Netherlands

Travel with us is always comfortable, profitable and fast. We work around the clock!

Our vehicles

What we can offer clients

Cab to the airport

We meet you from the airport or take you to the airport. Fast and inexpensive!

от €6

Intercity Taxi

Transportation throughout Europe at special rates

от €8

Rental with driver

Personal driver service for you at any time

от €10

Fixed prices

Those prices that will suit you .

Comfortable salons

The nicest and most comfortable salons of the top cars.

Experienced drivers

Drivers with experience of more than 10 years will take your car to any point of the city at your request.

About Us

Why they choose us

Cab Tesla - cab ordering service. Thanks to the precise and coordinated work of our team we quickly connect drivers with passengers, making their movement around the city as fast and comfortable as possible.

We are well aware of the needs of the inhabitants of the metropolis and offer our passengers the most convenient way for them to call a cab: order through a simple and free phone number Tesla, through the online order form and through our new mobile app, the convenience of which has already been appreciated by thousands of satisfied passengers.

Our fleet of vehicles

Only Tesla cars

Tesla Model S

The TESLA Model S is a luxury electric sedan from TESLA: an electric car that is both a family car and a sports car.

Tesla Model 3

The car has two trunks, panoramic glazing, and a 15-inch touchscreen that completely replaced the dashboard.

Tesla Model X

A key feature of the model is the automatic gull wing-shaped doors, which Tesla calls "falcon wings" because the door is not a rigid L-shape, but a bend with a variable angle.

Tesla Model Y

TESLA also offers the TESLA Model Y electric off-road vehicle, model 2021. It may be the most versatile electric car to date.

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Driemanssteeweg 70, 3084 CB Rotterdam


Saturday: from 11:00 to 17:00