Zenith 5S319 Antique Radio

In January of 2017, I had hit a bout of depression and self-deprecation after a particularly difficult development cycle.  In order to escape this, I found that creating work that I enjoyed greatly was the best way to remind myself of the things I find joy in.

I knew I liked two things at the time:

  1. Modeling antiques
  2. Game development, asset creation, and successfully finishing a project

I set out to do all of those things–well, mostly the asset creation part–and this radio was the result.

This was a three-hour speedmodel, and immediately afterward, a three-hour texture session.  I chose not to impose polycount limits on myself, and instead create the best-looking asset possible, given what little reference photos I had, with a goal of finishing a good-looking asset quickly.

I ended up with about 14k triangles, which I believe would only be acceptable for a hero asset, or “tier zero” asset, i.e. something the player would be interacting with frequently.

Below are a handful of detail renders showing off the TLC I tried to give this model given the time constraints.