Vendo 44 Coke Machine

This model was completed as a student asset during my time at the Savannah College of Art & Design in an advanced game art class focusing on asset production.  Given two days to complete this asset from start to finish, the requirements were as follows:

  1. Create any environmental asset that could be placed in a game engine on the due date, with the correct hierarchy setup.
  2. LODs must be created to accommodate distance.
  3. The model must remain as close to 1000 triangles as possible, with a maximum of 1500 at LOD0.
  4. The object must use physically-based materials (roughness or smoothness, metalness) as opposed to older, more straightforward specularity.

This asset was what I produced as I have a strong affinity for antiques.  The geometry was designed to be simple, as the theme I chose for my model places it in the archetype of Fallout 4’s visual direction, and my knowledge of the engine Bethesda uses for their games notes that you have to be as low-poly as possible to be performant.

I chose to create two variants of the texture: one immaculate, ‘fresh’ version, and one damaged, in-need-of-restoration version. The Coca-Cola company has a visual guide on their restoration of this particular model of vending machine, which provided excellent reference.

(Click and drag the images below to compare.)’