MP5A6 Sub-Machinegun

Guns are a staple of any 3D art showcase, if nothing else because of their prevalence in first-person shooters and multitudes of other genres.  This portfolio is no exception.

I wanted to create something grounded in reality but with a bit of a future-edge, so I went for a common weapon: the H&K MP5, but with a few artistic liberties taken.  For starters, the select-fire switch is marked F, A, S instead of five bullets, one bullet, and a bullet with an X drawn through it–for fully automatic, automatic, and safety.  This was more of a personal choice than anything as I felt it read better from far away than the pictograms did.

The other major change is the utilization of a telescoping buffer tube stock, which the MP5 and MP5A1 do not use (wire stocks are most common, some telescoping, some not).  This means the weapon would, theoretically, share some similarities with the AR platform in that the complete bolt assembly extends from the rear of the receiver into the buffer tube.  I’m not sure how this would affect the actual MP5 design, and I’m not an H&K designer–I just wanted a cool looking gun!  Thus, the fictitious “MP5A6” designation was what I settled on.

This was intended as a hero asset, to be used in a first-person model scenario.  The final triangle count was just over 11k.

Below are wireframe comparisons and a test shot of what it might look like in an FPS.