“Fenrir” Butterfly Knife

I have always had an affinity for Cyberpunk as a visual genre.  I particularly loved the way the later Deus Ex games handled their direction, as they merged future-chic with art deco in a beautiful, carbon and gold motif.  I sought to try and capture that appearance in this knife.

Inset bevels, diagonal structural components, and sandwiched layers of black and gold are all things that I tried to imitate with this creation, and I feel like it fits strongly with the look of the game.  I also consulted with a friend of a friend who specialized in butterfly knives, or balisongs as they are properly known, who said that this would be a sane design of a knife.  One day, I’d like this one to be 3D printed so I could say I own an original-concept model I created as an actual, useful tool!

The final polycount for this asset was 3.5k, suitable for a first-person shooter weapon model.