Hello, my name is Will, and I like to program and do art for video games.

At the moment, I am a programmer working for ADX Labs, LLC under their GameSmart brand.  Below you can find a sampler of games that I’ve worked on professionally, or you can check out posmortems, blog posts, and portfolio links using the left-hand sidebar (or upper-left corner menu, if you’re on mobile.)

Bubble Reef (Game Maker Studio 1.4,HTML5)

Bubble Reef is a puzzle game wherein users must tap or click on bubbles containing like-colored fish next to one another. Tapping or clearing like-colored fish in groups of two or more results in their bubbles popping, the fish being freed, and the surrounding bubbles collapsing down and left into the now-empty cells. When the board is either cleared or no valid moves remain, the game ends. An alternate form of play, known as Survival mode, transforms remaining bubbles into fossils that cannot be removed without special power-ups that are either distributed random during gameplay, or available as an in-app purchase. When the board fills with fossils, the game ends.

To date, Bubble Reef has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating on the GameSmart platform, and over 2 million plays.  Play it here.

Tower of Babel (Game Maker Studio 1.4, HTML5)

Tower of Babel is an action puzzle game wherein users must test their timing abilities to stack a tower as tall as the heavens themselves.  When the tower segment placed by the player hangs off the edge, the outcropping part of the segment is sheared off and the next segment is only as large as the previous segment minus its shear.  When the player’s tower segments become too thin to be usable, the game ends and the player is awarded their high score.  Obtaining four successive match or near-match segments awards the player with a powerup that can be used to either widen their segment to make it easier to place, give themselves a second chance if they miss, or slow down the movement of the segment to make it easier to place.

To date, Tower of Babel has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating on the GameSmart platform, and over 10 million plays. Play it here.

Pilot Training (Game Maker Studio 1.4, HTML5)

Pilot Training is an action 2.5D game where players control a prop plane flying infinitely into the horizon, avoiding obstacles and picking up Stars to be used to purchase better planes or Hearts to restore energy in the event they crash into a tree. If the player crashes into too many obstacles, the game ends. There are three modes of play: the aforementioned mode named Survival where the player must make it to the end of the level, Star Collect in which players must try to collect 100 stars in the allotted time to keep what they earn, or Time Attack in which the player picks up Timer powerups to sustain their clock and get star rewards for surviving, at the risk of playing against increasingly dense obstacles.

New planes can be bought with picked up Stars or purchased as an in-app purchase using real-world currency.

To date, Pilot Training has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on the GameSmart platform, and over 9 million plays. Play it here.